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Karina Maslakova

Member of the Board of Directors

Karina Maslakova joined the team of the JSIC „CBL Life” in 2014 as the head of the Sales Department. Since 2015 she is a member of the Board of Directors of the JSIC „CBL Life” and JSC „CBL Atklātais pensiju fonds”. The career of Karina Maslakova in the financial sector started in 2000, when she worked as a customer service specialist in the JSIC Balta. After two years of employment in direct sales she accepted the challenge to become a project manager in the insurance company IF Latvia, and shortly later she was appointed to the post of manager of the Teika Customer Service Centre. After that there have been several interesting projects in the career of Karina Maslakova both in management of large teams and development of cooperation in the sphere of car dealers, banking, as well as IT. Karina Maslakova has got Bachelor's degree in law from the Baltic International Academy. Also music plays an important role in the life of Karina Maslakova. She also enjoys yoga and tennis, and likes to take pictures and read books.