• For second consecutive year CBL Asset Management receives Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Award.


  • CBL Asset Management repeatedly receives Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Award.


  • on July 20 Edgars Lao, the manager of the CBL Eastern European Bond Fund-EUR, was assigned 9th place in the Citywire prestigious ranking ‘Blazing a trail in bonds: the top 10 managers of the year so far’.
  • on May 27 new alternative investment fund - Baltic Commercial Real Estate Fund was launched. The aim of the fund is to offer investors an instrument that invests in commercial real estate in the Baltic States with a conservative strategy.
  • on May 12 new Board members were elected: Andris Kotans and Lolita Sičeva. Both new members of the Board are long-serving CBL Asset Management employees with a vast experience in the field of asset management. Therefore, the Board of the Company now consists of four board members.
  • on April 20 the share sale transaction of CBL Asset Management parent company Citadele Bank ended. Ripplewood Advisors LLC and a group of twelve international investors became new shareholders of Citadele Bank.


  • on December 23 Citadele Asset Management registered its new name CBL Asset Management with the Latvian Registrar of Enterprises. The name change relates to the company's expansion in foreign markets and assurance of no similarities with other asset management companies.
  • on August 13 a new fund Citadele Eastern European Select Equity Fund was launched. Assets and liabilities of the two Citadele Asset Management managed funds: Citadele Ukrainian Equity Fund and Citadele Caspian Sea Equity Fund were adjoined to the new fund.
  • on July 4 new Council was elected: Juris Jakobsons (Chairman), Vladimirs Ivanovs (Deputy Chairman) and Aldis Paegle (Council member).
  • on January 10 Citadele Asset Management was the first company in Latvia to receive the license for alternative fund management from Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC)


  • on December 5 Citadele Russian Equity Fund was awarded the highest rating - five stars by the international financial research company Morningstar.
  • on November 20 the cross-border merger of the Citadele Baltic Sea Countries Equity Fund (Lithuania) and the newly created investment fund Citadele Baltic Sea Equity Fund (Latvia) was completed.
  • on July 16 investors decided to start the liquidation process of the closed-end investment fund Citadele Baltic Real Estate Fund II.
  • on June 28 Sergejs Zaicevs resigned from the Board member positon.
  • on May 23 new mutual Citadele Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund was registered with Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) and on June 6 Latvian Central Depositary recorded new issue of investment certificates.
  • on May 20 Citadele Russian Equity Fund was recognized as the best in European registered fund category for its profitability and risk profile over the three-year period by the international investment fund information and research company Lipper.
  • on February 25 Citadele Asset Management won the tender and became the manager for Latvian Guarantee Agency investment portfolio . The companies signed an agreement on managing the investment portfolio of over 100 million Lats (ca. EUR 142mn) until 2018.
  • on January 31 Sergejs Zaicevs was elected to the Board and his position was also confirmed by Citadele Bank Board and Council.


  • on November 1 Uldis Upenieks became the new Chairman of the Board ; his candidacy was approved by the management of Citadele Bank and on October 31 registered with the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC).
  • on August 18 Raimonds Vesers resigned from Board member positon.
  • on July 19 Citadele Asset Management was recognized as the ‘Best 2012 investment management company in the Baltic States’ by one of the world's leading financial magazines World Finance.
  • on May 29 Citadele Eastern European Bond Fund-USD was awarded the highest recognition, a five-star overall rating by the international financial research company Morningstar. Citadele Russian Equity Fund was awarded a high four-star overall rating.
  • on April 13 Citadele Eastern European Bond Fund – USD received the Lipper 2012 award for the ‘Best and most stable profitability and risk over the three-year period in the developing countries’ bond category. Lipper is an international investment fund information and research company.
  • on January 31 new Council was elected. New members were Juris Jakobsons, Philip Nigel Allard and Valters Abele.


  • on February 1 Citadele Asset Management was nominated for the ‘Most professional investment management company in the Baltic countries in 2011’ award by the international financial magazine World Finance Investment Management
  • on January 1 Edgars Makarovs and Igors Petrovs resigned from Board member positions and Raimonds Vesers was elected as a new member of the Board.


  • on November 15 Philip Nigel Allard was elected in the Council. He was also Citadele Bank Board member.
  • on November 12 Citadele Russian Equity Fund received fund management quality rating A from Standard & Poor's Fund Services.
  • On October 20 Vladimirs Ivanovs was elected Chairman of the Board.
  • on September 6 new composition of the Council was approved. Juris Jakobsons was elected as Chairman with the following members of the Council - Aldis Paegle, Anatolijs Fridmans and James Russel Breiding.
  • on September 1 Citadele Eastern European Balanced Fund was recognized as the Best 2010 Balanced Fund by the European business magazine Business New Europe ‘Best Central and Eastern European funds’ survey.
  • on August 3 the name change of Citadele subsidiary’s Parex Asset Management was registered with the Latvian Registrar of Enterprises. Parex Asset Management continues its activities under the name of Citadele Asset Management.
  • on March 29 new Council was elected - Nils Melngailis (Chairman), Solvita Deglava, Anatolijs Fridmans and Russel James Breiding.