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Rearrangements in Citadele Bank`s work during Easter

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Dear Customer,

Due to the celebration of Easter Citadele Bank's Client Service Centers are closed on 06th of April.

In connection with the public holidays, it is neither possible to make international and Estonian payments on Friday, 6th of April, and Monday, 9th of April, since the European transaction system TARGET2 and its Estonian part are closed at this time.

Inter bank transactions of Citadele Bank function regularly.

Please take into account that due to the above the transactions between banks can not be proceeded from 6th to 9th of April. At this time transactions can be initiated, but they will not reach the recipient until the 10th of April. Starting from the 10th of April all transactions function as usual.

More precise information about payment systems administered by Estonian Bank you can find on their website.

Happy Holidays!

Your Citadele Bank.

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