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On Amendments to prospectuses of funds managed by "Citadele Asset Management" IPAS

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„Citadele Asset Management” IPAS (hereinafter – Company) hereby announces that at the Executive Board meeting held on November 30, 2012 it was resolved to approve amendments to prospectuses of investment funds under the management of the Company.

The amendments, reflecting the changes in the Council and the Board composition of the Company, were made to the following investment funds under the Company’s management: OIF „Citadele Eastern Europe Fixed Income Fund”, OIF „Citadele Ukrainian Equity Fund”, OIF „Citadele Russian Equity Fund”, OIF „Citadele Caspian Sea Equity Fund”, OIF “Citadele Strategic Allocation Funds”, CIF „Citadele Baltic Real Estate Fund – II”, and CIF „Baltic Pearl Real Estate Fund”.

The amendments to prospectuses of OIF „Citadele Ukrainian Equity Fund” and OIF „Citadele Russian Equity Fund” also reflect the changes in the composition of the funds’ Investment Committees. Amendments to the prospectuses of investment funds under the management of “Citadele Asset Management” IPAS became effective on November 30, 2012.

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