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On the cross-border merger of IPAS „Citadele Asset Management” (Latvia) and UAB “Citadele Investiciju Valdymas” (Lithuania) UCITS investment funds

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Please be informed that according to the decision Nr. 241-208 dated 08.10.2013 made by Bank of the Republic of Lithuania, allowing cross-border merger of the investment fund „Citadele Baltic Sea Equity Fund” established by UAB “Citadele Investiciju Valdymas” (Lithuania), ISIN LT0000950008 (hereinafter – the Merging UCTIS) and the investment fund “Citadele Baltic Sea Equity Fund” established by IPAS “Citadele Asset Management” (Latvia), ISIN LV0000400794 (hereinafter – the Receiving UCTIS) in accordance with "General Terms of Cross-border fund merger” confirmed by UAB “Citadele Investiciju Valdymas” and IPAS „Citadele Asset Management”, the merger of the Merging UCTIS to the Receiving UCTIS has been completed on November 20, 2013.

As the result of the merger:
1) All the assets and liabilities of the Merging UCTIS are transferred to the Receiving UCTIS;
2) All the unit-holders of the Merging UCTIS became the unit-holders of the Receiving UCTIS. The exchange ratio of units of the Merging UCITS and units of the Receiving UCITS at the moment of calculation was 1.000000;
3) The Merging UCITS ceased to exist.