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Do you use a password card? Be prepared for changes effective 1 April

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Effective 1st April 2016 online transactions will be subjected to additional security requirements approved by the Bank of Lithuania. To perform online banking transactions, customers who use password cards will need to enter a security code which will be forwarded via a text message to the mobile phone number registered with the bank.

Make sure you update your contact details

Before 1 April please ensure that your bank has your up-to-date mobile phone number and other contact details. You can quickly and easily update your contact details by logging in to Citadele Online Banking or by calling 19091 and +370 5 266 4600 when calling from abroad.

Log in and update your details now:

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If you do not provide the bank with your current mobile phone number before 1st April, you will not be able to perform any transactions via Online Banking as you will need an additional security code to confirm them. Beginning 1st April you will be able to provide your phone number by calling 19091 and +370 5 266 4600 when calling from abroad or by visiting the bank’s customer service branch.

What changes will take effect on 1st April?

As usual, to log in to Citadele Online Banking, you will have to enter your user’s name, your password and a specified code from your password card. Beginning 1st April, to perform and confirm any online banking transaction, you will have to enter a security code sent to you via a text message.

What transactions will require an additional security code?

An additional security code will be required for all online banking transactions: transfers between own accounts, transfers within the bank or to other banks, concluding or changing online contracts, ordering new bank products, updating your contact details, buying or selling currency, etc.

Use advanced access options to log in to Online Banking

We offer other alternative means of access to online banking such as password generators which you can start using right now. If you are interested in using these alternative means of access, please contact us by calling 19091 and +370 5 266 4600 when calling from abroad or visit your nearest Citadele Bank customer service branch.

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