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“IPAS “CBL Asset Management” lowers fund commission fees and improves offers

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In the interests of investors and in order to ensure more effective fund management in terms of potential returns and lower expenses, IPAS “CBL Asset Management” will reorganise the sub-funds of “CBL Strategic Allocation Funds”.

As of the 1st of October this year the commission fee for sub-fund management will decrease by 0,05 to 0,15 percentage points per annum - both for new and existing fund investors, including those who are using accumulative life insurance services.

As a result of the reorganisation of “CBL Strategic Allocation Funds,” the fund will be renamed “CBL Opportunities Funds”, and three sub-funds will be created from the six sub-funds:

  • “CBL Balanced Strategy Fund-EUR” will be renamed “CBL Optimal Opportunities Fund-EUR” and will be joined by sub-fund “CBL Active Strategy Fund-EUR”;
  • the existing sub-fund “CBL Universal Strategy Fund-EUR” will now be named “CBL Prudent Opportunities Fund-EUR”;
  • we will create a new USD currency sub-fund, “CBL Optimal Opportunities Fund-USD”, and we will add the following sub-funds to it:  “CBL Active Strategy Fund-USD”, “CBL Balanced Strategy Fund-USD” and “CBL Universal Strategy Fund-USD”.

More information on the changes can be obtained by calling your private banker, our informative phone line +371 67 010 810, or by writing to

Basic information on the new sub-funds is available here:

EUR currency sub-funds:

“CBL Prudent Opportunities Fund EUR”;

“CBL Optimal Opportunities Fund-EUR”

USD currency sub-fund:

“CBL Optimal Opportunities Fund-USD”.

Official information on the merging of “CBL Asset Management” sub-funds is available here.

About “CBL Asset Management”

Citadele Bank’s subsidiary IPAS “CBL Asset Management” is one of the leading and most experienced financial asset management companies in the Baltic states. It has been working in investment portfolio management since 2002. In 2003 it was one of the first in Latvia to begin managing second pillar pension savings. “CBL Asset Management” employs the largest team of managers in Latvia, which regularly analyses financial and capital market and macroeconomic trends, invests in ambitious businesses, both internationally and locally, and in bonds of various countries.

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