Experienced professionals

Citadele is a growing company looking for motivated and competent professionals to join our team. You can accelerate your career either you are willing to expand your professional experience or on your way of becoming a great leader.

We can offer

  • dynamic and exciting work in our team
  • professional growth opportunities in Citadele in Latvia and outside its borders
  • participate in variety of informal events and activities
  • join our sports-teams and participate in competitions
  • special Bank-offerings and other benefits
  • internship opportunities

If you

  • have shown yourself as a knowing and professional specialist in your own specific field
  • are result-oriented and like dynamic work environment
  • are ready to help develop Citadele and our strategy with an attitude characteristic of a thoughtful owner

Contact us!

How to contact us?

Describe your experience and send it to us by in a form that is most convenient for you, e.g. email to cv@citadele.lv, send a letter by post, contact us on social networks, or simply bring it to us!

Don't focus on standard CV form. Tell us why you would like to join us and what makes you stand out of the crowd!

We want to have a taste of your personality - tell us everything you consider is important to know about you. Attach a copy of your educational document, certificates, even a picture of your pet!