Why work at Citadele?

We each have the opportunity to find a route for personal development that interests us. Citadele, as a digitally-innovative bank that offers highly-rated customer service, needs not only various financial specialists, but also marketing project managers, data scientists, IT specialists and many other professionals. Join us, and together we can create the bank of the future!

At Citadele, we prioritise less-formal feedback and collaboration-focused approaches to ensure that we can quickly serve hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide in changing circumstances. We also develop most of the systems important for our business internally.

We continually invest in our employees’ development and well-being: together we learn, work out, share the current trends in our roles and fields both in person and remotely, offer our employees various internal initiatives, and unite enthusiasts and those who think similarly, who strengthen the company’s internal culture and team spirit.

If you want to find out more about what we’re like, what we create, how we use innovation and what we’re proud of, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

And in everything we do, we are united by a joint vision, values and future goals.

Being a Citadele employee means:

  • being a part of the “We are Citadele” professional team throughout the Baltics;
  • always being the first to enjoy the newest bank products;
  • receiving the bank’s everyday and loan services for employees at particularly great rates;
  • knowing both what innovative solutions our customers expect, and what path has been taken and how an idea came about (perhaps even with your participation);
  • being proud of what you and your colleagues achieve, because together we can definitely achieve more;
  • working with industry leaders and renowned experts in the financial, digital solutions and business development fields;
  • working for a place of employment that is constantly improving, developing and adding to its range of products.

We like numbers. They describe not just our size, but also our ambitions for growth. Here are a few that show us from a different perspective:

The bank employs more than 1,000 professionals from all three Baltic countries, and we are always waiting for new, knowledgeable specialists interested in the banking sector to call our colleagues. The average age of those working at the bank is currently 37.

The bank unites professionals from significantly more professions than you might think: over 300 professions are represented at Citadele.

We are curious and always informed on the latest developments in banking. Every year, we get through more than 37,000 new educational materials when we test our knowledge and attend online courses.

If you see yourself at Citadele, have a look at our current job openings and apply.

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