There is a variety of professionals working at Citadele, which offers multiple career opportunities: customer service, marketing, project management, risk analysis, crediting and loans, private banking and many more.

We care of your personality in the first place and believe, that you can learn the rest.

We offer professional development opportunities both in our headquarters in Latvia and branches outside it’s borders.

We are constantly looking for innovation and new solutions in what we do.
Everyone is given an opportunity to become a part of our team and contribute to its growth.

For professionals

Citadele is developing and growing, that is why we often want to add strong and knowing professionals to our team. We appreciate the desire of the employees to both develop and grow horizontally in their own field and move up the career ladder.

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If you only begin your career

Internship opportunities

If you want to supplement your theoretical knowledge with practical skills as well as learn more about the Bank’s work, Citadele offers a wide range of traineeship opportunities. We can offer traineeship in all fields of our activity: customer service, finances, information technology, legal matters. asset management, personnel management, marketing, communication, risk assessment, compliance.

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If you have no work experience

We believe that the most wonderful stories are born only because there was someone who has dared to try. It is quite often that the most special and unusual talents are found in people who according to the classical selection criteria do not fit the standard ‘frame’.

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