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Citadele’s customer service level in Estonia has increased

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Dive, the leading customer service evaluation company, conducted the survey of customer service level in the banking sector in the Baltic states at the end of 2017. We are delighted with Citadele’s results, as we achieved the third place in the Estonian market!

Manager of Retail Banking Department of Estonian branch, Jonna Pechter acknowledged that customer service is critical in every company and nice good to note that the level of service is high in most Estonian banks. Citadele has a small bank in this market, and we aim to provide service where the customer leaves not only with excellent financial support but also with a smile and experience. We have been contributing to give our customers comfortable feeling at the office and continue to work on customer service. Our ambition is to provide customer service on the same higher level as Citadele does in Latvian and Lithuanian markets - in both countries Citadele is offering the best service, where customer satisfaction is almost 100% according to current survey.

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