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Citadele Bank: PIN Code Calculators Become Even More Secure

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From September 14th, Estonian banks will have to comply with stricter client authentication security standards: a dynamic link between the service provider and the person making the payment must be provided during the payment process. Most Citadele authentication tools already have this, including the app tool MobileScan and the usual code card in combination with an additional authentication SMS. The PIN code calculator will now also become more secure.

The changes are linked with the requirements of PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2) regarding payment security. An SMS necessary to ensure the dynamic link will be sent to the mobile phone number registered with us to the client. It will include a unique, six-figure authorisation code which is valid only to confirm that particular payment. For those with phone numbers registered in Estonia, clients will also be able to view information on the planned transaction: the amount and recipient’s account number. Clients will not have to pay to receive these text messages.

To ensure that authentication is successful, Citadele asks clients to ensure that the number registered to them at the bank is correct. You can change your number for free through the online bank.

The client will receive an authorisation code as soon as the transaction needs to be verified. If the client decides to alter the transaction, such as by amending the account number and/or amount, they will receive a new code, and the old code will be invalid.

If the phone number registered with the bank is incorrect, the app and online bank will be restricted for security reasons. You will also be able to change your phone number after September 14th, but this will only be possible by phone, using a verbal password as authentication, or in person at a Citadele branch. This update also applies to legal persons who use a PIN code calculator. Those who use the PIN calculator along with the app must update their version of the app in September.

Currently, in the three Baltic states, there are around 50,000 PIN calculator users.

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