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Pricelist Changes for Citadele products

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As of August 1st this year, we will increase all our term deposit rates in EUR currency. To see the new rates for each period, please see our Price List.

Moreover, as of July 18, 2022, interest rate for Saving Account+ increase to 0.4% for the balances over EUR 15000. If you don’t have Saving Account+ yet, you can conveniently open it free of commission in Online bank – go to Accounts -> Open Saving account+. 
Meanwhile, we are introducing Minimum bank service fee for private customers as of October 1, 2022. The fee will be applied to customers who do not have any of the following products in Citadele: any of the cards, term deposit, Saving Account+, investment product or loan

The Minimum bank service fee will be EUR 1 per month and will be applied to customers who  have only current account (with or without online bank). The Minimum bank service fee will be applied for all accounts in case the customer has multiple current accounts. Other commission fees, for example, transfer or withdrawal, remain unchanged and will be applied according to the Price List.   

If the client does not agree with these changes, we invite them to apply for any additional Citadele product or service, or to close their current account through the online bank or any branch.

Minimum bank service fee*: – 1 EUR/month

* One fee is applied for all accounts held by the customer. The fee is not applied in case the customer has any of Citadele cards, term deposits, other saving or investment products or any type of loan products, and for the Basic account. For other operations/transactions with the current account/-s fees stipulated in the Pricelist (as for services in Mastercard debit bundle) should be applicable.

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