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Sanita Bajāre has begun managing the Citadele Department of Business Services

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Sanita Bajāre has joined the Citadele team, having spent two years working on the board of directors at the World Bank in Washington, and before that working as the State Secretary of the Ministy of Finance.

S. Bajāre will manage the Department of Business Services at Citadele and will be responsible for business loans and customer service. After a change in the bank’s shareholders, business - especially small and medium business - loans have become the bank’s priority.

Manager of the Citadele Department of Business Services Sanita Bajāre: “In my new role I want to work with my colleagues to focus on the growth of Baltic businesses, finding opportunities to support every considered project - to help bring about the development ideas of both small businesses and projects in the millions. I highly value Citadele’s strategy in business services - an individual approach, offering a suitable financing model for the specific situation of the business. Citadele’s advantage as a local Latvian bank is that all our decision making happens here in Riga. For this reason we can be flexible enough to offer businesses individual financing solutions.”

Sanita Bajāre has a degree in Medicine and a Master’s in Financial Economics. Her career up until 2005 was begun in a private insurance company, and with her new role at Citadele is returning to the private sector.

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