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Kristaps Porziņģis and Mindaugas Kuzminskas have become ambassadors for the Citadele “X” card brand

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New York Knicks basketball players Kristaps Porziņģis and Mindaugas Kuzminskas have signed a contract with Citadele to promote Citadele’s “X” Card in the Baltics.

In Latvia, the main ambassador of the “X” card will be Kristaps Porziņģis. In Lithuania, the “X” card will be actively promoted by Porziņģis’ New York Knicks teammate, the Lithuanian Mindaugas Kuzminskas. These two basketball players are exciting and inspiring talents.

Kristaps Porziņģis: “Bank cards in general are very similar, but I like the “X” Card in particular. It has a crazy advertising concept and a kind of loyalty programme which I’ve never seen before. I have been using this card for a month, I have already been able to recommend it to my brothers, and I can recommend it now to anyone with a clear conscience. Get ready to see me in advertisements on TV and public transit!”

Mindaugas Kuzminskas: “I like that Kristaps and I not only play together, but are also ambassadors for this new credit card. Kristaps and I joke that now we only need a teammate from Estonia.”

“X” Card users have access to insurance, an individual credit limit, the discount and point exchange programme RELAX, the opportunity to earn plane tickets with their purchases, and other advantages.

The credit card brand has three types of card: “X Card,” “X Platinum” and “X Infinite” which have been formed and issued by Citadele in cooperation with Visa.

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