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Now you can change PIN code of your card in Citadele ATMs

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Dear Clients,

from now on, all ATMs bearing the logo of Citadele offer the possibility to change PIN code of a payment card, where necessary. It is really simple – insert the card into the ATM, select menu item ‘Change PIN’ and enter a new PIN code. Service fee – EUR 3.

When changing PIN code of your card using an ATM, please be sure to come up with a combination that is difficult to guess, i.e. avoid such number combinations as 1111, 1234, last digits of the card number, date of birth, address, phone numbers, etc.  PIN code should be difficult to guess, illogical combination of random numbers. Keep PIN code of your card safe and never write it down on the payment card or other items kept with the card.

Should you have any further questions, please call us by dialling 19091. For calls from abroad, please dial +370 5 221 9091.

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