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Citadele Bank Makes Significant Improvements to IT System, May Experience Temporary Disruptions

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Due to significant improvements to the bank’s IT system, temporary disruptions in Citadele’s online bank, mobile app and payment systems in Latvia may occur in the period leading up to January 3rd.

Improvements to the IT system taking place at the end of this year are linked with plans to add Citadele Bank in Lithuania to a unified Baltic IT system for transactions, online banking and the bank’s mobile application. Adding the Lithuanian bank to the unified system will enable the introduction of innovations to Lithuania, including payments using mobile phones and payment wristbands, biometric solutions on the mobile app and other innovations, as well as helping to introduce new services throughout the Baltics more effectively.

Over the past three years, Citadele has introduced several significant innovations to the Latvian banking sector, including the integration of e-talons transport tickets into bank cards, the replacement of code cards with the mobile app, mobile phone payments and payment wristbands, and the use of biometrics in the mobile app.

The bank apologises to its clients in advance for any inconvenience and requests that clients follow the updates posted on the bank website and on social media.

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