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32 million Euro Paid on First Day of Guaranteed Compensation

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Yesterday, on the first day of disbursement of state-guaranteed compensation, almost 6,600 PNB Banka clients received their money. A total of 32 million Euro, or 11.5% of the total sum to be disbursed, was paid from the Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF). Around 279 million Euro will be needed to pay all the guaranteed compensation to PNB Banka clients.

There was a calm atmosphere yesterday at the fourteen Citadele and twenty PNB branches which are processing guaranteed compensation, despite the large flow of people. The largest number of PNB Banka clients visited the branch at 11 Raiņa Bulvāris, Riga. Meanwhile, of the regional branches, the most active was the Daugavpils branch.

We are thankful to all PNB Banka employees who not only demonstrated a high level of professionalism when serving clients, but also directed the flow of people and gave information to those waiting their turn to the best of their abilities.

There was a large flow of customers in all PNB branches, as a significant portion of State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) pension and benefits recipients had gone to a branch on the first day of compensation disbursement. branch. Bearing in mind that clients had to both complete paperwork and leave the branch with the certainty that their pension and benefits were in order, waiting times were long.

Meanwhile, Citadele branches saw a steady flow of clients, with branch employees explaining the disbursement process and introducing clients to new products and services. Particular attention was paid towards ensuring that clients’ visits to the branch were comfortable and the information they received was clear.

We remind legal persons that they do not have to go to a branch, but should instead call Citadele’s 24-hour information line to arrange a meeting at a specific date and time.

We wish to once again emphasise that PNB Banka clients who are not SSIA pension or benefits recipients do not have to go to a PNB Banka branch. Meanwhile, pension and benefits recipients do not have to go to Citadele.

More information for PNB Banka clients:

PNB Banka information line: 67041100
Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) email for PNB clients: 

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