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Citadele helps Giraffe Visual conquer Europe with 3D virtual reality tours

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Over the course of a year, Giraffe Visual has developed several new interactive visualisation projects including a unique solution allowing people to visit a location in a virtual 3D environment. The project was implemented with the help of a 20,000 Euro line of Citadele credit. This project also enables people to test a potential interior in unfinished real estate projects.

In collaboration with their client in Sweden, the Giraffe Visual team has created a solution which unites several of their existing products. A unique application was developed to model a future residential complex in 3D which allows the client wearing a virtual reality headset to view the unbuilt building and “walk through” it. As people have different needs and tastes, the furnishing of the unfinished apartment can be adapted to the preferences of each client. During the virtual visit, a representative leads the clients through the home using a tablet, offering different options in terms of both interior design and functionality. This tool is useful for clients to familiarise themselves with something which doesn’t yet exist in real life.

In Latvia, the business has created a 3D model of the future building for the New Riga Theatre, allowing tens of thousands of people to already view the building.

Giraffe Visual Project Director Lāsma Baikova: “The philosophy of the business is to be a step ahead, and to create high quality 3D models. Currently, this is the best sales tool in the real estate industry. When developing virtual reality applications and content, we give people the chance to travel anywhere in the world and get to know any process without leaving the room. For example, the large touchscreens which we developed have now become a significant tool for impressive presentations and allowing the user to explore content interactively. This solution is highly valued in museums, because it allows them to show that the museum is ‘live’.”

Citadele Bank Board Member Santa Purgaile: “When discussing technologies of the future, clients are particular - they always want more, better, the very latest. In order to compete in the market and satisfy both client needs and their own need to grow, we have seen how Giraffe Visual added a new product to its range of offerings. As the business’ projects are generally paid for afterwards, they must invest their own financial resources in their development and implementation. This is a successful example of the ability to produce large innovations even with the relatively small amount of money provided by a line of credit.”

Giraffe Visual creates animated #d visualisations and interactive product presentations. Every year, their range of highest-quality 3D models is increased, giving anyone the opportunity to “travel” on a virtual trip to anywhere in the world. Currently, the business offers its clients 360 degree photography, 360 degree videos and 360 degree drone photography and videos.

The idea for a visualisation company first occurred in 2010, when a group of coursemates developed a strategy on how to demonstrate concepts more effectively and frequently. In 2012, the idea became a business, which was known at first in Latvia as SkatSkat, and outside Latvia as Giraffe Visual. To make things more clear for local clients when beginning to export their products, a decision was made to use one name: Giraffe Visual. The range of clients for the business is broad: real estate developers, museums, hotels, restaurants, tourism companies, banks, as well as medicine, education and manufacturing institutions and businesses.

Giraffe Visual is currently an industry leader in Europe with clients in 27 countries.

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