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Citadele Opens New Concept Branch in Daugavpils

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A new concept Citadele branch has opened its doors to clients in Daugavpils. It has a completely new style of client service: clients are no longer served at a counter, but at round tables where consultants and clients can discuss relevant financial issues more comfortably and individually. The branch has also gained a new, modern design and interior.

“The new branch has a new design which matches the theme of Citadele’s branding, and we have completely changed our style of customer service to bring us closer to our clients. If, before, bank employees served clients from behind a counter, we can now all sit at a round table and drink delicious coffee like equal business partners. We are more open and accessible to our clients, discovering our clients’ needs and giving them more opportunities,” explains Head of Private Customer Service at Citadele, Anna Fišere-Kaļķe.

She emphasizes: “Each visit to the bank has to add value to the client. It is one of the foundations of our excellent service. we are proud that, for the fourth year now, Citadele’s client service has been rated by customer service evaluation business Dive as the best in Latvian banking, with a result of 92.4% from 100%. And we are improving every day.”

When they enter the branch, clients don’t need a ticket machine, as they are approached personally by a service manager who helps to find out the client’s needs and directs them towards the correct specialist - whether that’s a financial consultant on everyday banking, a business service manager, or a cash transaction counter. “This makes client service much more personal and pleasant,” states Fišere-Kaļķe.

Citadele Bank Board Member Vladislavs Mironovs adds that the branch has become a place for making contacts and a centre for consultations, because technology now allows us to complete everyday transactions remotely.

“We want to become closer to our clients - both by swiftly developing our digital services, ensuring people can receive as many of the bank’s services as possible through their computers and smartphones, wherever they are, as well as by serving our clients much more individually in-branch,” explains Citadele Board Member Vladislavs Mironovs.

He says that Citadele clients currently make more than 95% of transactions through their online bank and mobile app. Growing especially quickly is the frequency of use for the Citadele mobile app, demonstrating that clients increasingly value the convenience of remote service, its speed, and the solutions introduced to the Citadele mobile app.

“Nowadays, people come to our branch to receive high-quality consultations and find out more about their opportunities both when planning larger purchases and solving everyday situations, as well as when planning for their wellbeing and quality of life. This means that the branches have to change to offer solutions for the needs of modern people. That’s what has now happened in our Daugavpils branch,” explains Mironovs, adding “when technology develops, bank services change, and our branches change along with them.”

Citadele’s renovated Daugavpils branch is located in the same place as before: 34 Rīgas Street, Daugavpils. Working hours: weekdays 8.30-17.30.

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