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Using your code card in 2019 and beyond

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Good news! The Citadele code card solution complies with the necessary security standards to continue its use. As usual, you will be able to continue using your code card along with a code received via SMS to log in and make payments through our online bank, as well as to log in to other internet sites.

In addition to code cards, we offer two other solutions for logging in to our online bank: the MobileScan code solution for smartphone users, as well as a code calculator. These tools will be needed if you would like to make single payments larger than 1,000 Euro, or total payments larger than 2,000 Euro in a single day.

For your convenience, we have also improved our mobile app. The app with MobileScan can be used to make fast, convenient payments, in addition to managing the security protocols for your cards:

  • change your card’s PIN code;
  • allow online purchases only when necessary;
  • lock and unlock the ability to withdraw cash from an ATM, etc.

The app can also be used to log in to and other websites.

You can learn more about the advantages of our mobile app here.

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