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“CBL Asset Management” Will Manage 2nd Tier Pension Plans of PNB banka

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The Financial and Capital Market Commission has allowed CBL Asset Management to take over the management of three 2nd tier pension investment plans of PNB Asset Management - PNB Conservative Investment Plan ‘DAUGAVA’, PNB Balanced Investment Plan ‘VENTA’ and PNB Active Investment Plan ‘GAUJA’.

An agreement has been concluded on the takeover of management of the plans and the takeover process has begun. Approval is still required from the State Social Insurance Agency and the Competition Council. Completion of the takeover is scheduled for the end of this year. Until then, PNB Asset Management continues to manage customer pension savings.

Customers who want to review the investment strategy of their 2nd tier pension plan will have the opportunity to switch to other investment plans of CBL Asset Management.

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