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Pension fund CBL Atklātais pensiju fonds

CBL Open Pension Fund offers making 3rd pillar private pension savings additionally to the government guaranteed pensions (1st and 2nd pillar). You are welcome to make pension savings individually or through your employer. Citadele Bank is the pension fund's custodian.

Management Board

CBL Atklātais pensiju fonds reports for 2022

  • Annual report

    Published on • In Latvian

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Announcements for clients

On amendments to the investment policies of “CBL Aktīvais“, “CBL Aktīvais USD“ and “CBL Sabalansētais“ pension plans

Please be informed that as of 12 February 2024, amendments to the Investment Policies of the pension plans “CBL Aktīvais“, “CBL Aktīvais USD“ and “CBL Sabalansētais“ (hereinafter referred to as Pension Plans) will come into effect. The asset allocation of the pension plan “CBL Sabalansētais” has been changed, i.e. the pension plan's investments in shares, venture capital market, real estate, alternative investment funds and investment fund certificates will be increased to 25% instead of the previous 20% in line with the industry-wide limit for the group of balanced pension plans. After the changes, “CBL Sabalansētais” pension plan will maintain a balanced investment strategy and the changes will not affect the level of investment risk of the pension plan members

The Investment Policies of the Pension Plans have been supplemented with a more detailed description of how the asset manager of the Pension Plan integrates sustainability characteristics into the Pension Plan management process and ensures disclosure of this information. The description of the most important risks has been clarified by adding an additional risk (credit risk), as well as clarifications of terminology and other editorial corrections.

The Investment Policies of the Pension Plans are available at For more information on the amendments, please call the information line at 67010147 or email

Riga, 12.02.2024

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Suggestions and complaints

The procedure for considering suggestions and complaints

You have the right to contact JSC "CBL Atklatais pensiju fonds" with a suggestion or complain regarding pension plans or the services provided by JSC "CBL Atklatais pensiju fonds", customer service, etc.

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Privacy protection rules

Information on Prevention of Conflicts of Interest

CBL Atklātais pensiju fonds is a company of the Citadele group. Companies of the Citadele group provide a wide range of financial services, for this reason in some cases a customer’s interests may conflict with those of another customer or the company itself. We adhere to the internal policies and procedures of the Citadele group to ensure proper management of any such circumstances during business operations.

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Remuneration policy

JSC "CBL Atklatais pensiju fonds" (hereinafter – the Pension fund) and AS Citadele banka are part of the Citadele Group (hereinafter – the Group) where AS Citadele banka is the Group’s parent company. The Pension fund complies with the remuneration policy approved by the Group.

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Our Mission

Develop the pension fund as a simple and reliable business:

  • providing easy to understand pension plans which are adequate to customer needs;
  • creating such a culture of corporate governance, which demonstrates to shareholders, customers and the public the professionalism and integrity of the company’s employees in any of their activities.

Our Vision

Become one of the TOP 3 pension funds in the Latvian market in terms of number of customers and amount of assets, providing increased value for shareholders.


Phone: +371 6 701 0147


Republikas laukums 2a, Rīga, LV-1010