Information on Prevention of Conflicts of Interest

CBL Atklātais pensiju fonds is a company of the Citadele group. Companies of the Citadele group provide a wide range of financial services, for this reason in some cases a customer’s interests may conflict with those of another customer or the company itself. We adhere to the internal policies and procedures of the Citadele group to ensure proper management of any such circumstances during business operations.

We pledge to not compromise our commitment to you by prioritizing the interests of the Citadele group or other cooperation partners.

Identification of Conflicts of Interest

We have identified circumstances leading to or potentially causing conflicts of interest in the course of providing services, and we take measures to prevent and mitigate them.

We will inform you if a situation arises where we believe implementing extra risk mitigation measures is necessary.

Measures to Prevent and Manage Conflicts of Interest

Companies of the Citadele group ensure that structural units that face or may face conflicts of interest are independent and functionally separated.

Supervisors of employees or structural units are not involved in provision of the services they oversee.

Performance Monitoring

We keep records of potential conflicts of interest, their causes, and implemented measures to mitigate them to ensure their management remains effective and compliant.

More information about the Policy for Prevention of Conflicts of Interest in the field of investment services is available here.

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