Citadele signs the UN Principles for Responsible Banking

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Citadele has become an official signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking – a single framework for a sustainable banking industry developed through a partnership between banks worldwide and the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). 

“We are committed to integrate sustainability throughout all our business operations. Our sustainability strategy is in line with the UN Principles for Responsible Banking - creating a long-term value and contributing to greener and more inclusive future for all our stakeholders. By signing the principles, we have joined the world’s largest global banking community focusing on sustainable finance and we look forward to working together to achieve the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and UN Sustainable Development Goals,” says Johan Åkerblom, Citadele CEO.

The Principles are the leading framework for ensuring that banks’ strategy and practice align with the vision society has set out for its future in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. Banks who have signed the Principles commit to be ambitious in their sustainability strategies, working to mainstream and embed sustainability into the heart of their business, while allowing them to remain at the cutting-edge of sustainable finance.

Citadele is committed to develop its business with a long-term perspective and in line with our social, environmental, and economic goals in the decisions we make, products we offer and services we provide. Bank acknowledges its responsibility in contribution to sustainable economy development and is committed to address the environmental aspects in financing and investments as well as in managing our direct impact.

The signing of the Principles means that Citadele is committed to continue adapting its business strategy to align and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. Citadele undertakes to measure and follow up that the bank is continuously increasing its positive impact, while reducing the negative impact and managing the risks to environment and society resulting from the bank’s activities, products, and services.

About Citadele Bank

Citadele’s mission is to modernise the banking sector and offer more opportunities to clients and businesses throughout the Baltics.

Alongside classic banking services, Citadele offers its clients a range of services based on next-generation financial technology, including its modern app, contactless payments and instant payments, and finally, being the first in the Baltics to introduce opening an account with a selfie, payment rings and payments to mobile numbers.

Citadele is the second largest bank in Latvia by assets. The Citadele group is managed from Latvia. Its subsidiaries and branches operate in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

More information on the Principles for Responsible Banking:

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