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Citadele VISA, VISA Electron Cards Linked to 3D Secure Security System

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All Citadele VISA and VISA Electron payment cards are linked to the 3D Secure security system, thus offering additional security to cardholders when they shop on the Internet.

The 3D Secure system is meant to ensure greater safety in Internet shopping than ever before. When a user shops at a site registered with the 3D System, he or she must enter additional identification data (the Citadele Internet bank user name and authorisation code) to make sure that no one is using the relevant card for unauthorised purchases on the Internet. This offers additional security specifically for Internet payments, and its functions are similar to those of a PIN code. This additional authorisation prevents fraud at Internet shops.

Citadele, in comparison to other banks, will not require the entry of an Internet bank password in the system. Instead, users will enter their user name and the code from the code card or code calculator. That will protect users against malicious misuse of their name and password in Internet shopping.

Shops which use the 3D Secure system and support secure VISA and VISA Electron payments are identified with the “Verified by Visa” logo on their homepage. Thousands of Internet shops all around the world use the system, and their numbers are increasing day by day.

Clients can continue to shop at Internet stores which are not part of the 3D Secure system, but in such cases, no additional data will be required, and that means that shopping with such retailers will be less safe than is the case with shops that are registered with the system.

We would remind all users that safe shopping requires an Internet bank connection. If you do not have one, approach any Citadele branch, and we’ll hook you up. Citadele does not charge a fee for using the 3D Secure system. Since November 1 of last year, Citadele MasterCard and Maestro payment cards have been linked to the 3D secure system, and American Express cards are to be attached to it soon.

We wish you secure shopping!