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Family in Saldus First in Kurzeme to Sign Agreement on Mortgage Loan with State Guarantee

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The Banders family, which wants to purchase a home in Saldus, has become the first family in Kurzeme to sign a mortgage agreement with the Citadele Bank that will have state guarantees.

“People who visit the Citadele Bank for consultations from Kurzeme usually want to purchase a flat in Saldus, Ventspils or Liepāja, but some families are happy to use state support to buy a house,” says the director of the Citadele Bank’s Western region, Baiba Frenāte.“The family has two children, and the loan will help the Banders family to satisfy a long-held dream about buying a home. The family had to postpone this valuable purchase because of an excessive down payment, but the state programme means that the payment is comparatively low. Laura and Jānis Banders have rented a flat, but now they have decided to invest their income in their own property, not one that is owned by someone else. The kids will have their own rooms in the new house, everyone will be active in the garden, and the family will enjoy other advantages related to a private home.”

Families that have received consultations on purchasing a home with state support usually have one, two or three children. Of 153 families with children that have submitted applications for loans, 36 have received Citadele financing with a state guarantee for the down payment. As has been reported in the past, the loans with the guarantee and the ability to receive bank financing equal to 95% of the home’s market value can be received from the bank.

Families can arrange for consultations at any Citadele branch, by ringing 6701-0873, or by visiting the Citadele homepage at

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