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Citadele Increasing Client Numbers, Modernising Branches in Latvia’s Regions

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Because of a significant increase in the number of its clients in Latvia’s regions, the Citadele Bank will continue to invest in client services outside of Rīga this year by modernising eight branches.

During the first two months of this year, Citadele has increased regional client numbers, both in the retail and in the corporate sectors. The number of legal clients mostly increased in branches in Zemgale and Kurzeme, particularly at the Limbaži and Tukums branches (up by 10% and 8% respectively).

The greatest increase in the number of active individual clients who use Citadele services has increased most in Vidzeme and Latgale, particularly in Aizkraukle (9%), Balvi and Limbaži (6%), and Gulbene and Valmiera (3%). In Kurzeme, the greatest increase was seen in Tukums (5%).

In order to continue to improve client services in Latvia’s regions, Citadele plans to modernise eight branches and client service centres this year.

“We are an open and trustworthy partner for residents and businesses in pursuit of their ideas,” says the director of the Citadele Bank’s Retail and SME Services Directorate, Dace Priede. “It is essential for us to have as broad a network of Citadele branches as is necessary so as to provide services to existing and new clients. In modernising our client service centres, we want our clients to feel comfortable there.”

The Citadele Bank has 36 branches and client service centres in Latvia. As has been reported, Citadele began to modernise its branches in the autumn of 2013 to ensure that visits by clients becomes nicer and various transactions become more operative. So far Citadele has modernised 14 client service centres in Rīga (e.g., at the Alfa, Spice, Mols and Origo shopping centres), as well as in towns such as Madona and Jēkabpils.

In thinking about the good feelings among clients and the more operative provision of services, the modernised Citadele client services now have a new and modern design, with rooms being lighter and more vivid, and the red and white colours that are typical of the Citadele logo being used more expensively. Because Citadele is the only distributor of American Express® credit cards in Latvia, the new interior design also includes the blue tone that is part of the AE symbol.

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