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Citadele bank expands mailing options for payment cards in Lithuania

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Citadele bank in Lithuania has expanded options for mailing payment cards to the client’s desired address both in Lithuania and abroad. Private bank customers will have the option to have main types of both debit and credit cards shipped to them by mail. As from December of this year, the holders will be able to receive new, renewed and replaced cards of Citadele bank by registered mail, regular mail or courier service in Lithuania or by registered or regular mail in a foreign country. Until now the customers of Citadele bank who have ordered the mailing service could only receive payment cards by courier service. Shipment of payment cards through regular mail within Lithuania will be provided free of charge; Citadele bank will cover all domestic postal costs. Registered mail or courier service and mail to foreign countries will be subject to fixed charges.

“We have expanded the mailing options for the payment cards after analyzing the needs of our customers. This service will help save our customers’ time. Shipment of cards by mail is a great alternative for those who live further away from the bank’s branches. It will also be of service to Lithuanians who live abroad,” Gintarė Sakalauskaitė-Radionovienė, Director of Payment Card Department at Citadele bank, explained the benefits of the service.

“New bank customers will be able to request the mailing option for their cards to a specified address upon ordering a card at the bank branch or while filing out an online application on the bank’s website. The existing bank clients can order the card mailing service via the Citadele online banking system, by calling the bank’s call centre or by visiting the bank’s branch. The mailing option selected by the client will be valid for 4 months. If the card will be renewed or replaced at a later date, i. e. after a period exceeding 4 months, the client will be asked to reselect a mailing option for their payment card,” G. Sakalauskaitė-Radionovienė said.

“When shipping payment cards by mail, special attention will be paid to security and protection of customer data. The client will receive two separate letters: one indicating a PIN number, and the other one containing a non-active new payment card. Once the client receives the code and the card, they need to activate it by logging in to the Citadele online banking system. This can only be done by a person who has the log-in details, i. e. by an account holder. Thus, even if the card ends up in an unauthorized user’s hands, they would not be able to use it,” the bank’s representative said.

G. Sakalauskaitė-Radionovienė pointed out that in case any suspicions arise that the envelope has been damaged, the client should contact the bank and the card shipped by mail will be replaced with a new one.

Citadele bank is constantly improving and developing its services to save clients’ time and enable them to use the bank’s services without the need to make a physical visit to the bank. Last spring clients were given the opportunity to open a bank account, make a fixed-term deposit contract, apply for a consumer’s credit, order a debit or credit card or other bank’s services from the comfort of their home. Such services add convenience for customers and increase the accessibility of the bank’s services as they enhances the bank’s geographic reach to the most remote corners of Lithuania.

Ordering desired services via the internet is very simple: you just need to go to the bank’s website and fill out an online application form and confirm it with an electronic signature. The bank service will be provided without making a physical visit the bank’s branch.

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