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Citadele Chooses Locally Made Products as it Prepares for Christmas

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The Festive Season is a time of wonders, and in order to spend it in a genuinely warm atmosphere, Citadele Bank looks for special Christmas decorations every year. We always choose decorations and gifts made in Latvia. For seven years in a row, our bank's decorations were made by people with disability who live in the day-care centre Saule. This year, they made 380 deer that will decorate our bank's branch offices across the entire Latvia.

The latest Citadele Index study also suggests: 20 % of local companies claimed that due to Russia's embargo they would opt for local services and Latvian goods. Citadele Bank supports local businesses therefore it chooses to give locally made sweets and practical items to its clients and partners every year.

"We chose Latvian goods again this year to thank our hard-working employees and delight our clients. During the Festive season, we are going to treat our clients across Latvia with gingerbread cookies: we have already ordered 229 kg gingerbread cookies that will be made in Latvia's bakeries. Furthermore, the 380 deer for decorating Citadele's premises were made locally as well. They were created by students of the day-care centre Saule. I must point out that Saule's team has been cooperating with Citadele for seven years now, and made decorations that delight out employees and clients during Christmas. During the Advent, we encourage other Latvian companies to do the same,” urges Santa Purgaile, Citadele Bank's Board Member.

Ilze Bule, teacher at day-care centre Saule comments that making decorations for Citadele Bank has become an annual tradition that children look greatly look forward to. "It is of great importance for the day-care centre's students that their creations are used practically and seen by everyone. This is what gives the children the greatest joy. I have observed that the number of children who take part in making decorations increases every year: this year it reached its historically highest count of 40. I would like to emphasize that our students' professional skills are increasing as well. During the first year of cooperation, we prepared comparatively simple decorations whereas the deer we created this year were much more complicated, and the process of making them required much more time and attention," the teacher reveals.

Saule is a non-governmental organization for people with intellectual development difficulties which has established a day-care centre that features an art studio where students can develop their skills, through painting on canvas, silk or glass, making graphic arts, felting, weaving, macramé-ing, beading, metal processing and other activities. For more information, please visit:

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