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Citadele Opens New Branch in Rīga With Feeling of Home

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A new Citadele Client Service Centre, Skanste, will be opening its doors this week at Skanstes Street 50 in Rīga. The branch has been designed in accordance with a new concept in which the main principles are cosiness, comfortable services and tasty coffee.

The new centre was opened because of an increase in demand for services and a desire to offer better accessibility to services for residents and businesspeople in the local area.

“When we worked on the new centre, we thought about comforts,” says Citadele Bank board member Santa Purgaile. “The centre is cosy, we’ll serve coffee to our visitors, and children will enjoy a special corner that is meant for them. At the Skanste centre, we’ve fully dismantled boundaries between the bank and the client, with no more counters at which the client is on one side and the employee is on the other side. Still, we’ve also made sure that the services will be private and that residents and businesspeople will be able to resolve their financial issues in a business-like environment. We’ve experimented with colours and interior design, bringing national motifs and Latvian national ornaments into the design so as to symbolically emphasise or independence in the sense that decisions about the development of the Citadele Bank are taken in Latvia.”

Alongside the new Client Service Centre is an office for the Citadele subsidiary SIA Citadele Leasing and Factoring, which means that consultations about leasing services and agreements will be available there. The company is offering a new service – appraising the price of a used car that the client wishes to lease and brings to the centre. The service applies to cars that are no older than 15 years and have a provisional value of up to EUR 15,000. This will allow people to obtain used cars more quickly and easily.

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