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Interbank payments in euros on 25 March

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Dear Clients,

Please be informed that on 25 March, the Good Friday before Easter, interbank transfers to other banks will not be performed. If you want the payment to reach the recipient’s account by 25 March, please make the payment by 24 March 4.00 PM. Otherwise, the payments made after 4.00 PM will be credited to the accounts on 29 March.

Payments within Citadele Bank and other banks in the SEPA-MMS system will be performed on 25 March, i.e., the funds will be credited on the same business day.

Periodic payments and automatic payments of e-invoices with the due date on 25 March and the recipient’s account in another bank, which is not a member of SEPA-MMS, will also be performed on the next business day, i.e. 29 March.

If you have any questions, please call us by 19091. Telephone for calls from abroad: +370 5 266 4600.

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