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New Citadele online bank design will be introduced soon

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Dear customers,

for several consecutive years, Citadele bank has been rated a bank offering the best customer service, as demonstrated by an independent customer service quality survey of the banking sector performed annually by a survey company Dive Lietuva. We seek perfection in online banking as well; therefore, taking into account your expectations and needs, we will be consistently improving Citadele online banking system this year.

At the end of February, you will have an opportunity to try out a new design of Citadele online bank, which will be far more sophisticated and attractive. It will be easier and simpler to find the necessary information in the online banking system featuring the new design, which will also offer clearer arrangement of functionalities and titles of menu items. The new design will allow you to connect to the online banking system using a tablet PC and a mobile phone. We will appreciate it if you share your comments and suggestions on ways to make the design of Citadele online bank better, when using the updated system. Please register your suggestions here.

Renewal of the design of Citadele online bank is the first stage in the development of online banking, which will be followed by an improvement of system functionality and content.

Yours sincerely,

Citadele bank

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