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Catherine Ashton to join Citadele Bank’s Supervisory Board

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Baroness Catherine Ashton will be joining the supervisory board of Citadele after receiving formal approval from the Financial and Capital Market Commission. Baroness Ashton will begin performing her duties from the 3 of May 2017.

“Baroness Ashton’s international experience will naturally complement and add to the global expertise of Citadele’s supervisory board members. Citadele’s management board look forward to working with Baroness Ashton and her unique knowledge and insights will be a gain for the Bank. We welcome her to the team,” says the Citadele’s CEO Guntis Beļavskis.

Baroness Ashton most recently served as the EU High Representative from 2009-2014, where she visited over 100 countries, leading diplomatic missions such as being responsible on behalf of the UN Security Council for negotiations with Iran, and concluding negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo. Baroness Ashton is currently involved in a number of advisory and lecturing assignments

Baroness Ashton will join Citadele’s current supervisory board, represented by its members Timothy Collins, Elizabeth Critchley, Lawrence Lavine, James L. Balsillie, Dhananjaya Dvivedi, Karina Saroukhanian, Nicholas Haag, and Klāvs Vasks.

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