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For clients who have signed a securities account management agreement

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Please be informed that as of 03/01/2018 important legislative amendments will come into effect and affect without limitation:

-Execution of payment orders under transactions concerning financial instruments;

-Disclosure of information and reporting on transactions concerning financial instruments;

-Reporting to clients, including information on financial instruments, costs and risks; 

-Events related to financial instruments.

In view of the fact that the existing securities account management and agency agreements under which Citadele Bank AB (hereinafter – the Bank) provides account management and agency services no longer meet the requirements of the new directive and other legal acts, as of 1 January 2018, please visit the Bank and sign new securities account management and agency agreements.

Please be informed that the Bank will be forced to limit the provision of the investment services to clients who fail to sign the new agreement by 03/01/2018. Under the old version of the agreement, the clients will only be able to enter into transactions on the sale of financial instruments.

Furthermore, please be reminded that if you choose to receive information, e.g. reports on the financial instruments account, in paper form, the Bank will send you the reports by mail and you will be charged the fee specified in the price-list of the Bank.

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