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Information about changes to deposit interest rates

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We would like to inform that, based on global trends in market interest rates, changes have been made to Citadele’s deposit and savings accounts interest rates for EUR, GBP, and AUD. The new interest rates will apply from the 19th of March 2018.

More information on the new interest rates is available here, as well as by calling our customer service at +372 77 000 00. You can also access information on the new interest rates by contacting your customer service manager or by going to Citadele branch.

The new interest rates apply to current savings accounts as well as to those savings accounts and term deposits which will be formed or extended from the 19th of March this year.

Clients with an existing term deposit will maintain the interest rate set out in their contract until the deposit maturity.

We remind you that term deposits are offered with a higher annual interest rate when applying for a term deposit on Citadele’s internet bank – a 0.1% higher rate compared with rate provided in-branch for all currencies and maturities.

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