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Citadele will continue to offer online bank code cards to clients

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In parallel with other modern authentication tools, Citadele Bank will also continue to offer online banking code cards to its clients. Citadele’s code cards comply with sufficient security standards for continued use.

As usual, code cards can be used alongside SMS authentication, with the information received via SMS including the transaction details and a unique code. Using code cards, clients are able to complete transactions of up to 1,000 Euro in a single payment, or 2,000 Euro in one day, as well as to log in to the online bank, mobile app, the website, and other websites.

Alongside code cards, Citadele offers other solutions for online bank authentication. One of these is the MobileScan code tool for smartphone users. The bank recommends this service to those who use their smartphones daily, prioritise convenient and modern access to the bank, or who need larger payment limits than 1,000 Euro in a single payment or 2,000 Euro in one day. The third authentication method offered by the bank is a code calculator.

Head of Citadele Bank e-business, Mārtiņš Bērziņš: “Our clients are all different, and we want to ensure that our bank can be conveniently accessed to satisfy these different clients. This is why we decided to allow our customers to continue to use their code cards. Although more and more of our clients use smartphones and log in to the bank using MobileScan, we have observed that not all change their authentication tools and other habits. Bearing in mind that our code card tool with SMS complies with all technical and security requirements, we have decided to maintain this tool for our clients.”

For our clients’ convenience, the bank has also developed new payment opportunities on its mobile app. Using MobileScan, the mobile app can be used quickly and conveniently to make payments and manage security settings for their cards, including:

  • changing their PIN code;
  • allowing internet purchases only when necessary;
  • blocking and unblocking the ability for a card to withdraw money from an ATM, etc.

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