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MEDUS - new ATM brand that integrates various banks services, first banks to join – Citadele Bank and Šaulių Bankas

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Today is the launch of the first independent ATMs network MEDUS that will be managed by Worldline Lithuania. The first banks to join the new ATM network under MEDUS brand are Šaulių Bankas and “Citadele” bank.

This is a future of ATMs and logical step as the cash is used less and less nowadays, thus reduces the need for ATMs. To keep cash available to everyone Šaulių Bankas, “Citadele” bank and Worldline Lithuania have joined forces to create MEDUS Network. Over the course of 2019 you will see more and more MEDUS ATMs appearing in Lithuania.

The idea of the MEDUS brand is the beehive - a place where activity takes place, values are accumulated and values are exchanged. In everyday life, enjoying the bee's sweet and healthy products, we don’t look into the complicated natural ecosystem and its processes. Similarly, from a financial service provider, we expect a fast, accessible and quality product, after the first need to receive or deposit cash, without wanting to understand what happens behind the ATM’s window. And this is the promise and fulfillment of MEDUS brand - fast, accessible and quality - just for sweeter everyday.

First few MEDUS ATMs have already been setup in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Panevėžys and Šiauliai and more ATMs to follow all around Lithuania during the year. The new ATMs are clean, easy to use and are safe way to access cash any time with no extra or hidden costs. The network is operated by Worldline Lithuania – company that secures card transactions every day. With the new MEDUS ATM network there is always an ATM at the reach.

Vladislavs Mironovs, Member of “Citadele” Management Board, Chief Commercial Officer Retail: “Our aim is to give our customer the highest quality services, so we are happy to become one of first banks in new independent ATM network MEDUS. We believe that this network will give our customers more opportunities to manage their daily finances.”

Zanda Brīvule, CEO of Worldline Baltics: “We are launching the new bank-independent ATM network MEDUS to bring the future technologies of ATMs to people already today. With our more than 28 years of experience in Lithuania, we are the best partner to guarantee the quality of services and best performing ATMs in the market. The new MEDUS ATM’s are most customer friendly as we focus not only on the traditional services expected by ATM, but on the extended service center options that we will roll out in future.” “

About Worldline Lithuania:

Professional ATM service provider with almost 100 employees. Working daily to connect and secure payment card transactions. MEDUS is a bank-independent ATM network powered by Worldline Lithuania. Wordline Lithuania is fully integrated in Worldline’s Financial Services division and is part of the Wordline Group.