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Regarding authentication tools limits change

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In order to ensure maximum security of our customers’ funds, we are changing the limits applicable to authentication tools used for connecting to the Citadele internet bank and confirming the payments. The new limits will apply from 15 October 2019.

Principal changes:

  • Day limit and batch limit using a code card was reduced to EUR 3,000 (previously EUR 6,000);
  • Batch limit using mobile signature was reduced to EUR 2,000,000 (previously unlimited), and day limit using mobile signature was reduced to EUR 10,000,000 (previously unlimited);
  • Batch limit using a code generator (Digipass 780) was reduced to EUR 2,000,000 (previously EUR 10,000,000);
  • Authentication tools were classified according to their safety category (low, medium, high, individual). The limit will depend on the safety category of  authentication tool.

Information on limits effective from 15 October is available here. 

If you are not satisfied with the limits applicable to your authentication, please contact the nearest bank branch.

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