Citadele Bank (Lithuania)

Bank working hours and services during holidays

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Vilniaus (K. Kalinausko g. 13), Kauno, Klaipėdos, Panevėžio bank branches will work:

  • 30th April from 8:00 till 16:00
  • 1st May will be closed

Akropolis bank branches at Vilnius and Šiauliai will work every day from 10:00 till 20:00.

„Citadele”  bank branch located at Alytus will not work during quarantine.

Please note that we will serve our customers only with pre-registration by phone No.  +370 5 221 9091 and only on urgent questions. We will not provide cash transactions.

We would like to reminder that even on holidays in „Citadele” internet bank and mobile app you can transfer payments from one bank to another in just a few seconds. SEPA instant payments till 1000 EUR will be executed 24 hours a day, including holidays.

All other payments that will be made at 1st of May will be processed on 4 of May.

At 30 April we will wait for your call by phone No. +370 5 221 9091 one hour shorter when usual till 6PM.

At 1st May by phone No. +370 5 221 9091 you can only block a card.