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Citadele Issues Next-Generation Payment Cards

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Citadele is the first bank in the Baltics introducing innovative payment cards that are based on a subscription model. With time, these will allow clients to use one payment card and select a specific service level or plan. Each client can select the most suitable plan for their everyday needs. The new X cards have a new design and are based on the benefits of an X smart card, with the option of adding additional benefits: X supreme and X prime.

As the world changes, we are much less likely to want to think about complicated products. Simple payment plans are already common in telecommunications, entertainment, and now in the financial sector as well. The aim of updating the payment cards is to offer each client the range of products most suitable to them, while also making it simpler to use the cards. The new cards and their planned subscription plans are based on customers’ favourite X smart cards and their services, which include free cash withdrawals from any ATM in Latvia and worldwide, as well as free transfers to any bank worldwide. Meanwhile, the new cards or plans—X supreme and X prime—each offer an increasingly wide range of services. 

Taking into account client reviews and improving usability experience, we are introducing X supreme and X prime cards that are free from limitations characteristic of credit cards: fees for transfers and cash withdrawals. New approach is applicable also to X Infinite cards.

“Subscription plans and analogue services are already proved its usability for many products and services, but they have not yet been available for everyday banking services: payment cards. We are therefore the first in the Baltics to offer a plan-based approach to payment cards. We will continue to update our existing offering to enable us to improve the client experience even more when using financial services,” says Citadele Board Member Vladislavs Mironovs.

The current X hero and X Platinum cards will no longer be available for order, but existing ones will continue to operate as usual.

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