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Citadele Continues to Encourage Clients to Use Its Remote Financial Services

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Citadele branches are currently operating as usual, however, we encourage our clients to use remote financial services.

Citadele Bank reminds people that virtually all basic financial services are available remotely through the app, website or remote customer service centre, which offers clients six different channels for communication.

Bill payments and contactless payments

For the payment of bills, the bank invites clients to use the app or online bank, which allows all necessary payments to be made quickly and conveniently. The remote branch, known as the Sky Branch, can also help with bill payments.

Payments to phone numbers can be used for money transfers between private customers, while most retailers accept contactless payments with a contactless card, wristband, Apple Pay, the bank app for Android users, or a sticker.

Remote answers to questions 24/7

We invite clients to use the remote branch. The employees of this branch ensure uninterrupted contact with the bank via phone, online banking, the app chat function, as well as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber. Similarly, most clients no longer need to make an appointment with a financial consultant to fill in an application and receive an offer for a loan—this can be done through the Citadele website.

Channels for communication with the bank

  • 24/7 remote customer service - +371 6701 0000
  • WhatsApp - +371 28660011
  • Information on is available on our website -
  • Communication is also possible in Internet Banking or App Chat and Facebook Messenger Chat.

Account opening

Since last year, Citadele has offered the chance to become a client of the bank and receive an X smart card remotely, without visiting a branch. This is possible with a smartphone using the Citadele app to send a selfie along with an image of a valid passport or ID card. The app can be used to open an account and apply for a card 24 hours a day, and it can be done from anywhere with a mobile signal and internet. The Citadele app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

The application has three easy steps: first, download the Citadele app; second, take a selfie; and third, take a photo of a valid passport or ID card, indicating the applicant’s personal information.

The application process takes between 5 and 7 minutes. Clients who apply for a payment card through the app or website will receive their card by post for free.

Blocking a card, ordering a new card, PIN code change

Using the mobile app, clients are able to select various security settings for their card, such as blocking and unblocking the card or applying for a new X smart card. Furthermore, the app enables users to change the PIN code of their card within seconds. It is important to emphasise that users do not need to remember or enter their old PIN code, just the new one.

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