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The merger of the 2nd pension pillar investment plans “Gauja”, “Daugava” and “Venta” with other investment plans has been completed

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IPAS CBL Asset Management informs that the merger of the 2nd pension plan of IPAS CBL Asset Management "Gauja" (hereinafter - the Plan to be merged) with the investment plan “CBL Aktīvais ieguldījumu plāns" (hereinafter - the Acquiring Plan) has been completed on 06.10.2021. Similarly  the investment plans «Daugava» and «Venta» (hereinafter - the Plans to be merged) have been merged with the investment plan "CBL Universālais ieguldījumu plāns" (hereinafter - the Acquiring Plan).

All assets and liabilities of the Plans to be merged are transferred to the Acquiring investment plans as a result of the merger. Participants of the investment Plans to be merged have become as the participants of the Acquiring investment plans. “Gauja”, “Daugava” and  “Venta”, the investment Plans to be merged, have terminated their existence.

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