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Bank with the best customer support service in Latvia – Citadele

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In Dive’s annual customer service evaluation survey, Citadele in 2022 has once again been named the bank with one of the best customer service in the Baltics, coming first in Latvia for the eight time, first in Lithuania (last year 3rd), and having the 3rd best result in Estonia for a second year in a row.

The study was conducted at the end of year 2022 and beginning of 2023 by one of the leading customer service evaluation and improvement companies in Central and Eastern Europe – "Dive". As part of the study, 160 "silent customer" calls were made to customer support services and 160 "silent customer" visits to customer service centers. During calls and visits, professional knowledge, communication skills, ability to offer the most suitable solution to the client and other parameters were evaluated according to a common methodology and identical criteria.

In Latvia Citadele has maintained its leading position with the highest score (98.8% (calls) and 98.9% (visits)), SEB banka ranks second (86.3% (calls) and 80.8% (visits)) and Luminor bank in third place (75.4% (calls) and 79.5% (visits)).

“In this digital age we strive to give our customers all the possibilities to solve their everyday financial questions by themselves remotely at any time and place they are - developing more new solutions and giving easily accessible information they need. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that excellent customer service is core value no matter what industry you’re in or what type of products and services you provide. Throughout the year, we are actively improving customer service to exceed customers’ needs. We are pleased that our efforts are recognized by Dive and our customers, and that our service has earned the high 1st place in Latvia and also achieved 1st place in Lithuania, together with two other banks, and Top 3 in Estonia. Many thanks to the Citadele customer service teams for the truly excellent performance," comments Rūta Ežerskiene, Chief Baltic Retail Commercial Officer, Member of the management board at Citadele.

In Estonia, the best customer support in the banking sector is consistently provided by "LHV" (97.8% (calls) and 99.7% (visits)), but in Lithuania even three banks show excellent results: Citadele (99.1% (calls) and 99.8% (visits), SEB (100.0% (calls) and 99.1% (visits) and Šiaulių banka (99.0% (calls) and 100.0% (visits)).

Overall, Dive's research has revealed that among the three Baltic states, Lithuania (94.7%) can be proud of the best bank customer support services and customer service centers. This year's results show a noticeable improvement in Estonia (87.5%). The lowest industry result is still observed in Latvia (82.4%).

DIVE TOP3 is a customer service quality comparison tool that is also used in other industries, conducting research in both the Baltics and Poland.

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