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For Latvian customers, on January 13 payments in Citadele online bank and mobile app will not be available

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As we continue to modernise and develop our digital services, on  Saturday, January 13, between 00:00 and 24:00, Citadele Bank will be significantly improving IT systems, therefore customers will not be able to make payments in the online bank and mobile app. Payment cards and ATMs will work as usual. 

Branches will be open during normal business  hours, but payments will not be available. We invite customers to plan their transactions ahead of time.  

Payment cards and ATMs will work as usual 

  • Both card payments at sales points and ATM services will be available as usual. We anticipate that their functions will not be impacted by the IT system update.  
  • If a cash deposit is made at the ATM, it will be immediately available to pay for purchases by payment card. 
  • Card transactions made during the upgrade will be fully reflected in the customer’s accounts after the upgrade is completed. 
  • Payment for purchases in online stores can only be made by card. Other payment methods will not be available during this time. For Citadele clients, payments for purchases in online stores can only be made by payment cards. Merchants who accept payments in online stores with Klix will have access to all payment methods except Citadele Digilink.   

Please plan transactions ahead 

  • Payments between Citadele accounts and to accounts in other banks will not be available, including incoming payments. We encourage you to make them ahead – by 17:00 on January 12. 
  • Payment processing will resume on January 14.  

Online bank and mobile app features will be limited 

  • Both the mobile app and online bank will be available, but it will not be possible to make payments and issue loans. Other functions may also be unavailable or limited.  
  • It will be possible to fill out an application in the mobile app to become a customer of the bank, but applications will be considered after improvements are made. Business clients will not be able to apply remotely to become a customer. 
  • Online services, such as remote applications for mortgage or consumer loans, will not be available. 
  • The Citadele Business portal will not be available. 

Branches will be open during normal business hours 

  • Branches in shopping centres will be open during normal working hours for consultations. However, services using the bank’s systems (payments, opening accounts, issuing loans etc.) will not be available until the update is completed. 
  • During the update, customer support will be provided continuously and call centre consultations will be available 24 hours.

In case of any questions or uncertainties, Citadele clients are invited to contact the bank using the mobile app chat, internet bank, by emailing or by calling 67010000.   

We  would like to remind you that the bank will never request your name, passwords, codes or other personal information by phone, SMS or e-mails. 

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