Citadele Bank (Lithuania)

Citadele to Update IT System and Warns of Partial Availability on August 22nd

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To modernise and significantly improve the Citadele IT system by implementing a stable foundation for the further development of digital services, payments on the online bank and mobile app will not be available for the entirety of August 22nd.  

Bank branches will operate in accordance with working hours, but clients will not be able to make payments at a branch. It is expected that payment cards and ATMs will work as usual.  

Citadele invites its clients to plan their payments in a timely manner and to read the bank’s overview of the availability of services while improvements are being made:  

Payment cards and ATMS will work    

  • For your convenience, both card payments and ATM services will be available. It is expected that their functions will not be impacted by the IT system update.  

Please make all urgent payments by August 21st 

  • Payments between accounts and to other bank accounts will not be available during this time, including payments using the online bank and app. If a client has a monthly payment due on the 22nd of August, the bank suggests that this is made ahead of time.  
  • Instant payments will not be available on August 22nd - during this time, neither outgoing nor incoming instant payments will be accepted.  
  • The processing of incoming payments will resume on the 23rd August.  
  • During the update, you will not be able to make any online purchases using the online bank, but you will be able to pay by card by entering your card details.  

 Online bank and app 

  • Both the app and online bank will be available to clients, but you will not be able to make payments until the update has been completed. 
  • Card operations  made during the upgrade may only show up in clients’ accounts after the upgrade is over. 

Online services   

  • Online services, such as remote applications for mortgage loans or consumer loans, will be available, but applications will be processed after the updates have been made.  

 Branches and remote customer service  

  • Branches at shopping centres will be open as usual for consultations and to answer client questions. However, operations using the bank’s systems (payments, account opening and others) will not be available until the updates are complete.  
  • During the update, the remote branch call centre will be open from 8.00-19.00 to help clients solve any issues. 

In case of any questions or uncertainties, Citadele clients are asked to contact the bank using the app chat, internet bank or by phone +370 5 221 9091. 

A reminder that the bank will never call, text or email clients asking them to enter their password, codes or other personal information.