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Online Payments Become Even Safer at Citadele

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Citadele clients will see changes both in the online bank log-in process and when making purchases with their card online—in both cases, clients from now on will have to enter additional security information.

Clients who use code cards have needed an additional unique one-time code sent by SMS to pay online or by app. This will now also be necessary to log in to the app or online bank. This means that they will have to enter their username and password, a code from the code card and a code sent by SMS. It is important to note that the SMS code will be asked once every 90 days. To ensure that logging in goes smoothly, we remind you that the correct phone number must be indicated for the person using the online bank and indicated in the online banking contract as the user. If you prefer other authentification tools, you will be unaffected by these changes.

Meanwhile, another change will affect clients who pay by card online. Previously, clients had to enter their username and authorisation code (code sent by SMS, GO3 code or MobileSCAN code) during the payment process. Now, as when logging on to online banking, clients will have to choose which authorisation tool to use to confirm the payment during this process. Clients will have to enter their password if using a code card or GO3 code calculator.

If you have forgotten your online banking password, you can easily reset it using the Forgot Password? function on the online bank, or by calling the Client Service Centre at +37167010000 and identifying yourself remotely.

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