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Domestic Merger completion of investment funds „CBL Russian Equity Fund” and “CBL US Leaders Equity Fund” proposed by „CBL Asset Management” IMJSC

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“CBL Asset Management”, an investment management joint-stock company, informs that the merging process of the investment funds “CBL Russian Equity Fund”, ISIN LV0000400190 (hereinafter ‘the Merging UCITS’) and “CBL US Leaders Equity Fund” R Acc USD share class, ISIN LV0000401032 (hereinafter – ‘the Receiving UCITS’), has been completed.

The Merging UCITS ceased to exist on 1 November, 2021 without liquidation process. According to that the unit-holders of the Merging UCITS have become unit-holders of the Receiving UCITS.

The exchange ratio applicable to the exchange of units of the Merging UCITS and units of the Receiving UCITS was as follow 2.176131687.

Unit holders will be able to manage with their units of the receiving UCITS as of 2 November, 2021.

Additional information for unit holders is available on IMJSC “CBL Asset Management” official homepage www.cblam.lv or at the head office of the investment management joint-stock company “CBL Asset Management” at Republikas square 2A, Riga during its business hours.

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