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Maxima partnership with Citadele will help to increase payment card acceptance service availability in Maxima shops

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In order to serve customers with lower risk of payment interruption, Citadele and Maxima has signed an agreement on card acquiring on almost all 1300 POS terminals in all 176 Maxima shops in Latvia.  

The partnership with Citadele will secure  Multi-bank POS set-up in Maxima, which splits card payment traffic between several banks and ensures higher service availability for its customers - in case there are technical challenges in one bank, the system will provide an opportunity to switch all payments immediately to another service provider.

“Citadele is building a long-term partnership with retailers across the Baltics, by providing an individual approach to help serving clients in the best possible way – either on site, or on the go with mobile POS or on-line with cards and Klix. Multi-bank POS set-up is securing better availability for big retailers as their solution is more diversified. This solution and approach will help Maxima customers to experience even more smoother payment operations with less possibility of interruption for improved shopping experience,” says Romas Čereška Head of Baltic Transaction Services at Citadele.

“During our operation in Latvia for almost 20 years, we have become one of the leading retail chains in Latvia, partnering with around 500 local companies and being the largest private employer in the country with 7500 employees. Maxima is serving 300 000 customers daily in 176 shops in Latvia. Despite possible interruption in various bank systems, the partnership with Citadele will let us to ensure better customer experience at our shops,” says Maxima Latvia head of communication Liene Dupate-Ugule.

“Moreover, we are bank for all segments, but for retailers we have the best services in the market, that includes POS, business plans, merchant portal and e-commerce solutions. More than 12 300 retailers in the Baltics have chosen Citadele as a financial partner allowing their clients fast and convenient way to make card payments via almost 15 000 POS. We are also the only bank in Latvia and Lithuania that provides an instant POS – opportunity for small and medium companies to get POS in the branches without waiting,” says Romas Čereška.

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