CBL Asset Management

Regarding to the amendments of the “General Rules of Investment Portfolio Management”

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We regularly review and improve not only the range of services, but also the rules that apply to them. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we have amended “General Rules of Investment Portfolio Management, the most important of which relate to the:

  • procedure for signing the distance contract and the right of withdrawal;
  • exclusion of subordinated bonds / securities in the investment portfolio;
  • personal data processing;
  • ·prevention of money laundering, terrorism financing, proliferation and avoiding of sanctions.

Subject to the provisions of our mutual agreement, the new version of the rules will be applicable from July 1st of this year. The actual and new versions of the said rules can be found on our website www.cblam.lv/en/portfolio/.

For more information regarding the amendments please be free to connect your private banker or by e-mail asset@cbl.lv.