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Jūlija Lebedinska-Ļitvinova

Member of the Management Board, Chief Risk Officer

Jūlija Lebedinska-Ļitvinova is responsible for the group’s risk management area as of June 2021. Jūlija Lebedinska-Ļitvinova has an extensive experience of more than 15 years in risk management area in financial sector. Jūlija comes from a position as Group Chief Risk Officer for Mogo Finance since 2019. Before that she held Chief Risk Officer’s position in 4Finance Group (2015-2019), Head of Antifraud and Risk processes position in Home Credit and Finance Bank, Russia (2013-2015) and Chief Risk Officer’s position in Home Credit Bank, Belarus (2011-2013). Jūlija Lebedinska-Ļitvinova has a PhD degree in natural sciences from the University of Latvia.