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Jūlija Lebedinska-Ļitvinova

Member of the Management Board, Chief Risk Officer

Jūlija Lebedinska-Ļitvinova is responsible for the group’s risk management area as of June 2021. Jūlija Lebedinska-Ļitvinova has an extensive experience of more than 15 years in risk management area in financial sector. Before joining the Bank, Jūlija was Group Chief Risk Officer for Mogo Finance (since 2019). Prior to that she held Chief Risk Officer’s position in 4Finance Group (2015-2019), Head of Antifraud and Risk processes position in Home Credit and Finance Bank in Russia (2013-2015) and Chief Risk Officer’s position in Home Credit Bank in Belarus (2011-2013). Jūlija Lebedinska-Ļitvinova has a PhD degree in natural sciences from the University of Latvia.